Project Partners

SCI is the MODCONS project coordinator. SCI has been a trusted, independent source of information and engineering expertise globally for 25 years, and remains the leading, independent provider of technical expertise and disseminator of best practice to the steel construction sector. SCI support everyone involved in steel construction; from manufacturers, consulting and design engineers, architects, product managers and commercial directors, right through to industry groups and peers.

SCI - Light Steel Forum -

FutureForm is a UK based a modular manufacturer with Renascent being an independent development part of the business. Renascent Ltd and FutureForm have completed many modular building projects including housing, multi-storey residential and hotels.

Cool Haven is a Portuguese company, which essentially focus on research and development of several areas of engineering and architecture, implementing a new concept of modular construction.

Tecnalia is the leading private research and technology entity in Spain, and the fifth largest in Europe. Its main mission is to support enterprises and administration bodies by means of research, development and innovation projects as well as in technology transfer and services, consulting, training and dissemination activities.


IA3 (INGENIERÍA ACÚSTICA 3) is a Spanish engineering company specialized in the study, control and measurement of noise and vibration. IA3 operates in different sectors such as industry, construction, building, civil engineering and R&D.


AST (Advanced Simulation Technologies S.L.) is an engineering company based in Spain that focuses its activity in the development of projects through the use of simulation technology.


Technical University of Tampere (TUT) was established in 1965 and is the second largest university of technology in Finland, with approximate 12000 engineering and architecture students.

The University of Coimbra is a Portuguese public university in Coimbra, Portugal. Established in 1290, it is one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world, the oldest university of Portugal, and one of its largest higher education and research institutions.

HTA is a leading architectural practice in the UK who has worked on modular buildings. HTA architects work almost exclusively in housing and residential buildings, and particularly social housing.


NEAPO was established to design and manufacture modular buildings and was based in Finland. NEAPO has developed a unique manufacturing technology called FIXCEL® which is an inter-locking system of thin steel sheets which creates a honeycomb structure.

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