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MODCONS is a research project funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7) to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The project is aimed at developing and extending the use of modular construction systems in the residential building sector in the participating countries of Spain, Finland, Portugal and the UK. The work involves the preparation of design guidance in accordance with European standards and Eurocodes that will be supported by physical testing, structural modelling, and will lead to building designs for a variety of medium and high density applications.

The project was one of a few awarded by FP7 for support to SMEs in the construction sector, and it was considered to be innovative in terms of the off-site nature of the construction technology and also the need to develop application rules in Eurocodes and also for CE marking of modular systems.  Modules are highly manufactured products which act as three-dimensional ‘building blocks’ and require a different discipline of design from the linear or planar elements with which designers are more familiar. Modular construction can be used for buildings up to 25 storeys, as evidenced by recent projects, and for this scale of construction, questions of stability, robustness, fire resistance, and in some European regions, seismic resistance, are important.

The partners are SCI, who is Coordinator of the project, FutureForm/Renascent, HTA Design, NEAPO, Technical University of Tampere, Tecnalia, AST, IA3, CoolHaven and University of Coimbra.  Further details on the project partners are provided. The project started in January 2013 and will be completed in November 2015.

The work will lead to improved design provisions for modular systems in accordance with Eurocodes, and to supporting research on the stability, robustness and seismic resilience of these systems for the European market.  Three work packages will also address aspects of architectural versatility, acoustic performance and the quantified sustainability benefits of modular systems, which are important to users and stakeholders in the design of modern modular construction systems.

MODCONS Overview Presentation
This is an introductory presentation to the MODCONS research project. The presentation includes the work packages and members of the MOCONS consortium.
MODCONS General presentation June 2015.p[...]
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MODCONS Short Introduction Video
This video is an introduction to the MODCONS research project. The video includes the work package titles, names of the companies in the MODCONS consortium and images of modular construction.
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MODCONS Longer General Video
This video gives an introduction to the MODCONS research project. The video also includes the work packages with information about the work that has been undertaken in each work package. The names of the companies in the MODCONS consortium and images of modular construction are also included.
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Video from MODCONS project presentation - Spain - October 2105

Video clips for modular construction are projects and systems are provided on the Video Links page.

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